Roll-Away™ Window Screens
Measuring Instructions

Window frames will sometimes vary from side to side (width) and from top to bottom (height).  When measuring the inside dimensions of the frame in which the Roll-Away™ screen will fit, be sure to measure the width of each frame at the top, middle and bottom.  For each height measurement measure at the left and right side of each frame opening - see diagram A to the left.  Measure to the nearest 1/16".  When ordering always use the smallest of each dimension. 

EXAMPLE: In diagram A the measurements you should record would be 21" x 48", as 21" is the smallest width and 48" is the smallest height.  A 1/16" deduction in width and height demensions are necessary for a proper fit.  Therefore, we would manufacture your Roll-Away™ Screen to measure 20 15/16" x 47 15/16"-- in order to arrive at the list price go to the next largest size: 24" x 48" 

Two different installation styles are available for Roll-Away™ screens.  The way to distinguish the two is as follows: 

If the canopy or housing containing the screen projects out in front of the guides (or towards the inside of the window) it is a standard style - see diagram B1 to the right.

If the canopy or housing containing the screen projects behind the guides (or towards the outside of the window) it is a reverse style - see diagram B2 to the right. 
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