Installation Instructions for Series 4000

Materials List:

1) Roll-Away™ Housing unit  
2) Guide rails  
3) Guide Locks (1 right-hand/1 left-hand)  
4) Four #4 flat head pan screws

1) Assemble guides to roller housing

Pre assemble the Roll-Away™ screen on the floor or other flat surface.  Insert top of guides into the roller housing end-cap stems with the openings facing each other. (NOTE: the TOP of the guide has a hole located 1 3/4" from the end. The hole in the guide will now line up with the bottom hole of the end-cap stem.) Insert the right-hand guide lock (Part #R3240) into the right-hand guide and the lefthand guide lock (Part #R3250) into the left-hand guide.  The guide locks must be installed in the proper guides to operate.

2) Place assembled unit into window opening

Lift assembled unit by the guides and place into the window frame.  Do not bend end-cap stems while installing unit, as excessive stress could cause damage. To allow proper operation of the window, the outside edge (window side) of the guides should be set back 1/8" from the window( standard draw bar R20 units only).  Make sure the Roll-Away™ is properly aligned and square inside the window frame.  With the unit in place, prior to fastening, test the operation by drawing the screen down to within 3" of the sill, but do not engage the bottom guide locks.  Slowly retract the screen back into the housing and proceed with the installation.

3) Fasten housing to window frame

After checking for proper alignment, fasten the end-cap stem and the top of each guide to the window frame using the #6 flat head screws provided.

4) Fasten guide locks to bottom of guides

Checking for proper alignment by bringing down the screen drawbar and engaging the guide locks. If the Roll-Away™ screen does not roll easily, shimming using foam double-sided tape or thin shimstock may be necessary to make the rollaway unit operate properly.  Adjust the guide locks to the very bottom of the left-hand and right-hand sill.  Using the 1/8" drill bit, drill a hole through the bottom elongated hole of the guide lock at the center line and through the guide.  (Note: Do not penetrate the guide into the wood or metal of the window jamb, as the screw will not hold.)  After adjusting the guide lock down to the bottom of the sill, install the #6 Phillips pan head screws provided.  Usa additional screws provided to fasten the guides at the midpoint of height if needed.

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