Installation Instructions for Series 5500 Magnatronic
Tools Required:

Tape Measure Hack or
Chop Saw
Drill Motor & 1/8" Drill Bit Phillips Head Scredwriver Pencil or Scriber File
Parts Included:

Step 1: Measure Door Opening Width

Click here for instructions on how to measure your door opening.


Step 2: Determine the Proper Side of Opening to Install the Door

For a normal installation the Roll-Away™ screen door will be isntalled on the same side as the hinges on the main door. Will the door operate from Left to Right, or Right to Left?
Note: French door installations have 1 each (1 Left to Right and 1 Right to Left)


Step 3: Determine Clearance Required for Normal Operation

In order to assure the Roll-Away™ doors operation doesn't interfere with the prime/main doors operation, you must allow proper clearance between the two. The prime/main doors handle set normally determines the minimum amount of clearance required. Hold partially assembled door with the "A" side of housing (see step 2) closest to the door and against the jamb it will be installed on. Do you have room against the jamb to install the housing? Will you have room on the opposite jamb to install the closer? Is there sufficient threshold and header space to attach the bottom and top tracks required?

  1. YES, there is enough clearance to install all parts for normal operation. Proceed to Step 5.

  2. NO, there is not enough room for normal operation. In this case, sometimes the housing can be reversed (side A farthest away from prime/main door). If your door was ordered/assembled for a REVERSE opening, proceed to Step 5 and install housing with side A farthest from prime/main door.
    Note: This method will not work if installing against the door stop and the door stop's depth exceeds 1/8".

  3. If neither the STANDARD or REVERSE location methods above allow the door to be installed properly, or your unsure which door model you have, Contact the factory before cutting any parts or proceeding further.

Step 4: Fabricate / Verify Part Lengths Required

Note: If your Unit was purchased as a "kit" the following cuts will need to be made prior to installing the door. If your unit was purchased as "assembled" the following has already been cut to size, verify and proceed to Step 6.

Housing Expander (#R5110)
Opening height (Step 1) minus 1/16"
Cut even amounts from either end for best finished look - keeps spaces between slots and end of expander even.

Closer (#R5600)
Opening Height (Step 1) minus 1/16"
Cut through both the closer and attached magnet. Pinch either end of closer to help keep magnet in place.

Bottom Track (#R5150)
Opening Width (Step1) minus 2 1/4"

Top Expander (#R5130)
Opening Width (Step 1) minus 2 1/4"
Cut even amounts from either end for best finished look - keeps spaces between slots and end of expander even.

Top Track (#R5140)
Opening Width (Step 1) minus 2 3/8"

Note: Make sure all cuts are smooth and free from burrs


Step 5: Install Expander

Install the Expander (#R5110) against the jamb (See Drawing 3). The Expander should be mounted against the stop (where available) and flush with the sill (bottom of main/prime door). Drill two holes 8" from the top and bottom of the opening using a 1/8" drill bit. Drill through the Expander and into jamb using the vertical screw line located inside the Expander. Fasten to face of jamb using two (2) #6 x 1" pan-head screws provided. A standard installation requires the notched slots on the Expander to face OUT and away from prime/main door.

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