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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Roll Away® Retractable window screens and why would I want one?

Roll Away® Retractable Window Screens are Window screens that discreetly roll up into a housing unit and you decide when to use them. They match with any décor and are low Maintenance and easy to install. They are great for any room and any Budget!


What's the difference between a traditional and Roll Away® retractable window screen?

Roll Away® Retractable screens remain out of sight until you use them, unlike regular fixed window screens. They retract into a discreet housing when not in use preserving your views as well as your home's décor.


What makes Roll Away® retractable window screens better than others?

We take pride in our quality and design. We have worked hard to ensure you are satisfied with this amazing product. We use durable material and hand-made craftsmanship. We also have many customizations, so it works for everyone.


Are Roll Away® window retractable window screens durable and strong? What are they made out of?

Our Roll Away® screens are made from extruded aluminum components and fiberglass mesh and are durable. We have an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty to give you complete peace of mind.


Aren't they really expensive?

No, they are inexpensive. We make them affordable, so you can enjoy them and the price.


What kind of bugs do they stop?

The holes in the mesh are very small and protect against most bugs. We have a number of different screen options and they all help deter bugs. The tighter the weave the smaller the openings.


Will Roll Away retractable window screens provide solar protection and reduce glare on my TV?

We have many options for screens in our Roll Away products. We even carry a black out screen perfect for home theaters and day sleepers. Some of the options do offer solar protection


Will I be able to see through the screens?

The great thing about retractable screens is that they disappear when you don't need then. This means you can enjoy your view all year round. The screen's mesh allows you to see through the screen, but still keeps the bugs out. Some of the solar screens do have a tighter weave so the view will vary based on your mesh selection.


Are these Security Screens?

No, they are only designed to keep out bugs and some sun. There is no security aspect to these screens


Do Roll Away® retractable window screens let the rain / wind through?

Yes, the screens do. The screen should be retracted into its housing during bad weather. It is not designed to be water proof. The mesh is meant to provide air circulation, so you can enjoy the outdoors but without the bugs, but during very windy days retract your screen for protection.


Will my air conditioning bill go down after installing a Roll Away® retractable window screen?

Yes, it can. You will be able to open your windows in the cooler times letting in some cooler air.


How do the Roll Away® retractable window screens stay closed?

The Roll Away® Window screen has two different types. The R4000 stays closed with a magnetic system. When you pull the screen all the way down the magnets on the guide locks engage with the stainless-steel clip on the drawbar. The Roll Away® 2000 is designed with slide locks every 12". The slide lock slides into the cut outs in the guides. The R2000 model lets you have your windows half up.


Will the Roll Away® retractable window screens ever snap back fast and pinch fingers?

We recommend you guide your screen back into the housing to avoid any pinching Your Roll Away® is designed with tension on it, so it retracts back into the housing. You also will extend the life of you Roll Away® by not letting it roll up by itself.


How do I release the lock when I want to retract the Roll Away® window screen?

We have made the Roll Away® simple to use. On the R4000 model you simply need to break the magnet seal by rotating and lifting up and then guiding the screen up into the housing. The Roll Away® 2000 has slide locks, you simply slide the locks back and lift guiding the screen into the housing.


Do Roll Away® retractable window screens open if a pet or child brushes up against it?

The Roll Away® screen is deigned to absorb minor motion. There is some give in the screens. They are not however deigned to be pet deterrents. They are designed for insect protection.


Do Roll Away® retractable window screens comply with the relevant building codes?

For the most part, yes. If you need specific codes met, we recommend checking with your local governing board.


I live in an HOA / Strata development - do I need to get permission to install?

We recommend being on the safe side checking with your HOA. Our Roll Away® screen is discreet and easy to install, so it's a great option for HOA's.


Can I take the Roll Away® window screens with me when I move to a new house?

The warranty is to the original purchaser to be installed permanently in a single location. You would negate the Limited Lifetime Warranty if you remove them.


Where can I use them on my home?

You can use our Roll Away® Window screens on almost any opening.


What window types can I use the Roll Away® retractable window screens on?

Any Window screen opening where you have room to install the guides and housing our Roll Away® is a perfect fit for. We have a surface mount option so if your jamb isn't deep enough you can use our Surface Mount option making almost any opening an option for our Retractable Roll Away®.


Is the screen ok to install on either the outside or inside of the window?

The Rollway is designed to be an Interior product. We don't recommend you use if for exterior purposes.


Can I use these Roll Away® retractable window screens on my existing windows or do they have to be on new windows?

New or old the Roll Away® works great.


Can I use them on Casement windows?

Yes, as long as your measurements fall within our guidelines they will work.


Can I use them on a triangular window?

No, we do not yet have an application for Triangular windows.


What about archways?

The best applications for archways are when the screens are recessed above the arches and conceal the screens entirely until needed.


Can I put a Roll Away® retractable window screen on my Sliding Door?

Stay Tuned we are working on bringing our Roll Away® Door product soon.


Are there other applications for Roll Away Products?

Yes, we have had customers use them on boats or pass thru windows from the kitchen to the patio.


Can I install a Retractable Window screen over my blinds?

No, there usually isn't enough clearance for both. This is a choice you would have instead of Blinds. The advantages are you there isn't as much dust and clean up as blinds and you have a great unobstructed view.


Are they going to look ugly on my house?

No way! We designed these to be discreet and blend into any décor. We offer several color options.


Are retractable screens hurricane proof?

No, they are not. We recommend in bad weather you retract your screens for safe keeping.


Where can I buy a Roll Away® retractable window screen?

Here! We have made it easy for you to purchase these Rollway's. Click to browse our Roll Away Window products.


What are the maximum dimensions both width and height available?

The sizes vary due to the type of mesh you choose for your Roll Away®. See measuring chart.


Will they fit my windows?

We make our Roll Away® products to fit several openings large and small.


How do I measure the window opening?

Please see our "Easy to Measure" instructions.


What colors do they come in?

We offer several color options that will match any décor. The color options are listed under each product. Simply click the Roll Away® screen model you are interested in and the colors options will be shown. You can also purchase a measuring kit that includes color samples.


Can I choose what type of mesh I have?

Yes, we have a number of different mesh options from increased pet protection, to sun protection. Certain meshes also come in different color options. Simply click the model Roll Away® you are interested in and your mesh options will appear.


How much does a Roll Away® retractable window screen cost?

Our Roll Away® products are great options for your windows because of the value you get with a low price. Simply select the product you would like along with the options and a price.


How easy is the installation?

The Roll Away® is extremely easy to install. It comes in 3 pieces with easy to read instructions. We also have how to videos to help you install your new Roll Away® with ease. These are designed so one person can install them in minutes.


How long do they take to install?

We have designed the Roll Away® to be very easy to Install. No experience needed. It will take you no more than 30 min to start using our Roll Away®.


Do the Roll Away® retractable window screens require a track all the way around?

Our Roll Away® only needs a track on each side of the window. The sill of the window is left clean and track free. The guides are small enough, so they are not an eye sore.


What if my window jamb is too small to recess mount the Roll-Away retractable window screen?

We offer a surface mount option, so you can use our Roll Away® in almost every opening.


How can I adjust my screen so that it doesn't blow out or push away from the top or bottom guides?

The Roll Away® tracks serve as a capture system for the screen. If the screen does get blown outside of the track system, simply retract it all the way back into the housing and on the next use it will feed back into the tracks.


Are there any maintenance requirements for Roll Away® retractable window screens?

The Roll Away® is a great product because it's maintenance free. See the Clean and Care tab on our Support tab for instructions.


Are Retractable Window Screens easy to clean and take care of?

Yes, we know you are looking for fast no hassle care, so we have designed our products to be low maintenance


What should I do if my screen does not retract?

Please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide and videos.


Can the screen fabric be replaced if it gets torn or damaged?

Yes, one of the great is the screen is replaceable. So, if a child or dog is a little too rough you can order replacement mesh. You can either order the mesh or send it back to us for a rework. You would pay shipping both ways plus the mesh replacement.


How long do the Roll Away® Retractable windows screens last?

We build our Roll Away®'s for quality and Durability. If Installed properly and taken care of properly they will last years. (insert link to support page)


Are they guaranteed? What is the warranty?

We stand behind our product. We have a limited lifetime warranty on defects. The first 6 months we will cover shipping to and from your home. After the 6 months we will still cover defect, but the shipping will be the customer's responsibility. Just fill out the simple form and upon approval we will repair your Roll Away®.


What is your return policy?

If you need to exchange your product due to a measuring error. Please go online and fill out our easy to use Return Form and we will exchange your product. We'll remake it at no cost to you. You don't even pay for the return shipping of your old Roll Away®. You only pay if there's a difference in price between your old and new Roll Away®.
Limit one remake per item. Refunds are not offered. Return request must be received within (7) seven days of delivery date.


Can I cancel my order after I placed it?

No, unfortunately to deliver the quick service we pride ourselves on, once an order is entered we then release into production. There are no cancellations.


My order came wrong what do I do?

Please go online and fill out our easy to use Return form specifying the issue. We will verify your details and ship out a replacement quickly. All returns forms must be received within 7 days from delivery date.


My order came damaged what do I do?

Please go online and fill out the Claim Form. We need pictures of the packaging and the damage to the unit. We require notice on damage be made within 48 from day of receipt to ensure we can file a speedy claim.


How are the Roll Away® retractable window screens shipped?

We ship them through Fed-ex. They are packaged for careful shipment.


When will I receive my order?

When you make your purchase and select your shipping you will be giving an estimated time of Delivery. Once your order is shipped you will receive email notification with your tracking number. You can also check the status of your order online with your order number.


How do I the track my order?

Once we ship your order you will receive a tracking number emailed to your email address on file. You can check that tracking number to receive updates on your package by clicking the link in the email.


How much is shipping?

We work with our Shipping Vendors to get you the best rates possible. When you make your order, you will see the cost options to select the shipping that works for you.


How will I be notified if there is a problem filling my order?

We will email you with an update in a rare instance where there is an issue with filling your order. We will inform you of the issue and give you a new ship date via email.


How can I add to the order after it has been placed?

You are unable to add to an existing order because of how quickly it will be released into production. You would need to make a new order.


When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged as soon as you confirm your order.